About the United Diocesan Youth Council

Our Mission

To provide opportunities which will facilitate and encourage Christian spiritual growth, fun and fellowship among young people from throughout the United Dioceses of Limerick, Killaloe & Ardfert

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Public Relations Officer

Limerick Representatives

Killaloe Representatives

Ardfert Representatives

Board of Mission Representatives

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Villiers School Representatives

Diocesan Council Representatives


Nicola Downes

Edward Hardy 

Andrew O'Brien 

Oscar Egbulam 

Laura Cooke, Valerie Walker 

Kate O'Brien, Vacant *1

Ciara Fitzell, Vacant *1 

Canon Jane Galbraith 

Beverly Callendar, Kieran Sparling, Craig Copley Brown, Vacant *2 


The Venerable Wayne Carney 

Grace Langley 

Awaiting Confirmation 

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Edward Hardy


087 2907553