Submission Guide

Advice 0n submitting material for the website.

Thinking of sending something for publication on the Limerick Anglican Diocese website? Great! We need everything we can get! If you are going to submit something please try to follow these few simple guidelines

  • Send it in plain text. Web pages are nothing like pages in a Word Processor or Desktop Publishing document. Sending material in plain text makes it easier for the web editor to put in a web page and make it look acceptable.
  • If you want to put in headings put them in a single separate paragraph.
  • Press the enter/return key twice at the end of each paragraph. It is a funny feature of the way text on the web works but it makes life a little bit easier.
  • Tabs and spaces don’t work. If you want something laid out in columns or in a table – like financial information or church service times please put into a spreadsheet, something like Microsoft Excel.
  • Think Visual! The Internet is a real multi-media environment. Send video files, photographs or even sound clips with any text. It is just so much more attractive and exciting.